Pyecombe Golf Club
Clayton Hill
West Sussex
BN45 7FF


PyecombeGolf Club
The Historic Golf Club Of West Sussex

Competition Rules

Competition Entry
Enter on the day by signing the competition entry sheet in the pro shop
Competitions with sign up sheets will be posted on the notice board prior to the competition
to allow for drawn tee times)

Sweepstake vouchers
Are awarded to the top 3 players in each division who have entered the sweepstake
Div 1 – Handicaps from 0 - 12
Div 2 – Handicaps 13 – 28
Small field rule - If the competition doesn't receive many entrants Small field rule will apply (1 division only)

Optional sweepstake – players discretion
(only players who enter the sweepstake can win vouchers)
Entry fee – everyone must pay the entry fee stipulated

Common sweepstakes
£3 Mens or Mixed individual competitions
£6 Mens or Mixed pairs competitions
Team competitions vary

The competitions are split into 2 divisions
Division 1 – up to 12 handicaps
Division 2 – 13 - 28 handicaps

Handicap allowances
Every competition has its own handicap allowance, however the common allowances are:
Stroke play
Singles – Full handicap
4 Ball Better Ball – ¾ individual handicap
Foursomes – ½ combined handicap
Greensomes – Lower handicap x 0.6 plus higher handicap x 0.4

Decisions on ties
To resolve any ties countback is used, Countback is worked out over the
Last 9 Holes, Last 6 holes, Last 3 Holes, Last hole
If still tied then the winner will be decided by using the nett score or points scored on Stroke index 1, then the sum of SI 1 and 2, then the sum of SI 1+2+3 etc until a result is reached.