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Our Environment

Life on the wild side at Pyecombe Golf Course

People, particularly non golfers, often believe that as golf courses are a man made environment they will be relatively barren of wild life! Observant golfers will be well aware that this is far from the truth. Pyecombe, being nestled in the Downs, has a wide range of wildlife around the course. This is in part owing to the diverse range of the local landscape that includes untrammeled wood, meadow grasses and dewponds. Much of this wildlife is actively encouraged by the members and by the greenkeepers who are especially careful to ensure that the wildlife is encouraged to stay and bloom at Pyecombe. In fact much work has been done to encourage wild flowers including introducing bumblebee hives. Pyecombe is home to a variety of less common plants including an unusual non cultivar lime tolerant heather.

This part of the web site is designed to give people some idea of the wildlife that can be found on Pyecombe Golf Club land. This includes Red Deer, Roe Deer and Muntjac as well as weasels and stoats (including a white one). Hares used to be seen quite frequently although regrettably rarely now. Lizards, snakes, frogs, toads and newts are found all around the course and we have lots of rabbits and moles, which can cause concern for some. Wild flowers are actively encouraged around the course especially as we have many areas that are rarely trodden except by the most extremely wild golfers!

Initially, we will concentrate on Birds but will hopefully expand in the future to cover all of our wildlife. If you see any wildlife that has not been mentioned here, and that you think is unusual, please tell the office and provide a photo if you can!

Help the club to record sightings of wildlife seen in and around the course by using an App on your mobile or tablet. Click on this link to download either an Android or iOS app and send your viewing to Pyecombe Golf Club

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