Pyecombe Golf Club
Clayton Hill
West Sussex
BN45 7FF


PyecombeGolf Club
The Historic Golf Club Of West Sussex

Course Maintenance FAQs

Top Dressing

Q. Why do we top dress, how often?

A. Top dressing is a way of smoothing the surface and helps make the greens true. Over a period of time it helps improve the quality of the topsoil producing better drainage capabilities.

Q. Why is it some times the greens are top dressed after spiking and not other times?

A. This depends on what type of spiking / aeration was carried out and how disruptive it is, by its nature, to the surfaces. If for example it is hollow tining, where a core of soil is removed then it is good practice to work some dressing down into the holes. When using pencil tines however, for normal summer aeration work the holes are tiny and the impact on surface trueness is minimal. When grass growth is very strong it is again good practice to do light topdressing applications to keep the surfaces firm and to “dilute” the build up of any thatch layer. Thatch > decaying leaves and shoots.