Sussex League of Gentlemen Golfers    Rules and Playing Conditions

Sussex League of Gentlemen Golfers

Inter Club Competition for Males 55 and over


Participating Clubs

2023: Bognor, Chartham Park, Cooden Beach, Copthorne, Dale Hill, Dyke, East Brighton, Ham Manor, Haywards Heath, Ifield, Littlehampton, Nevill, Piltdown, Pyecombe, West Hove, Worthing.

Objectives and Format of the League 2023

The Competition aims to provide:-

  • Competitive handicap golf for males 55 and over at participating clubs during quiet times on the course in the summer months.
  • The format of playing their own ball in a team environment - the format being four ball better ball match play.
£20 subscription per club paid annually.

The Competition
(To be played under the 2020 Rules of Golf)
Handicap 4 Ball Better Ball match play played between teams of 10 arranged in 5 pairs. Each match handicaps played from 90 percent of handicap difference from lowest handicap player (World Handicap System 2020). White tees. The maximum playing handicap, after WHI, Course handicap then 90% is 18. Standard rules will apply and handicaps will be dictated using the home course ratings. All players to have “Competition handicaps” and can play for only one club.

The 2023 competition will be played out between 16 teams established into 4 leagues playing home and away matches (a total of 6 matches per club). The number of holes up must be recorded on the results sheet for count back purposes if required. For example a 3 and 2 win counts as 3 holes up.
The fixtures and the composition of the leagues were decided by lot. The teams for each league will be drawn annually from separate pots to ensure fixtures change.

Points in games are 3 points for each pair winning, one point for a half in a game.
For example - a 5-0 win results in a 15 point to 0 point total, a 4-1 win results in a 12 point - 3 point total, a 3-2 win means 9 points for one team and 6 for the other. A draw, 2 and a half matches each, results in 7 points to each team. A 4 and half - half win gives 13 points to 1 point total and a 3 and a half - 1 and half win will score 10 points to 4 points.

League places will be decided
a) By total aggregate points. If equal:
b) The aggregate match result (points) between the 2 sides. If still equal:
c) Total number of holes up in matches between the 2 teams. If still equal:
d) Holes up in all league games.

League matches may be played on any weekday afternoon, but not a Cyril Blake or Gilbert Print match day, between 4th April and 4th August (see suggested dates below) suitable to the home club but ideally when the course is normally underutilised.

Rules as semi and final.

The semi-finals to be played between 23rd August and 8th September at neutral venues.
These clubs must be prepared to host a semi-final. Any queries to be registered with Keith Turk.
In the event of a tie on points and holes there will be a play-off by a nominated pair, who have played together that day, from each team until a hole is won.

The 2023 final will be held at Dyke GC on 14th September. In the event of a tie on points and holes there will be a play-off by a nominated pair, who have played together that day, from each team until a hole is won.

Jamboree Day
A jamboree day for all clubs will be held on 28th September, 9.00am (Shotgun) at Pyecombe GC, where the Gerry Honeysett Memorial Trophy will be played for (current holders Dale Hill)

Fixtures and Results
Clubs are requested to forward details of fixtures to Keith Turk as soon as they are organised for posting on the website.  Similarly it is the responsibility of both teams Captains to ensure that match results are forwarded by email and result sheet sent to Keith Turk (Chartham Park Golf Club) at Keith Turk will arrange for updated league tables and results to be posted on the web site.
Note Pyecombe Golf Club has agreed to host the domain on their home club website.

Courtesy of the course – for matches only  not practice rounds.

Conditions of play
If a course is deemed fit for play by the hosting club then this would be the case. Cancelled matches: in the case of a club not being able to field a full team for a match then it is incumbent on that club to field as many players as possible to ensure that the fixture can go ahead. Additionally if a match is to be called off then this is subject to the agreement of both Captains.

Regardless of whether catering is provided a match fee of £15 per player will be required to be paid to the home club. No other fees may be charged. If catering is provided the Host clubs should provide a minimum of sandwiches, cake and tea (or other fare) for each 4 ball within this price bracket. Players are encouraged to stay, socialise and support the home club. It is a player’s personal choice to do so but the £15 fee will still apply should they not stay.

The Future
After each season, Club representatives will meet and if necessary agree any changes or recommendations to the Rules. Each participating club will have one vote plus the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary. A simple majority vote of those present will decide any action.

2023 Season
  League A League B League C League D
1. Dyke Bognor Ham Manor Nevill
2. Ifield Copthorne Dale Hill East Brighton
3. West Hove Worthing Pyecombe Chartham Park
4. Piltdown Cooden Beach Haywards Heath Littlehampton

Suggested date bands for fixtures:-
1. 4th April - 21st April 1 v 2, 3 v 4
2. 25th April - 12th May 2 v 3, 4 v 1
3. 15th May - 2nd June 1 v 3, 2 v 4
4. 6th June - 23rd June 2 v 1, 4 v 3
5. 26th June - 14th July 3 v 2, 1 v 4
6. 18th July - 4th August 3 v 1, 4 v 2

Quarter final dates - 7th - 18th August
1.   A 1st v C 2nd,     2.   B 1st v D 2nd
3.   C 1st v A 2nd,     4.   D 1st v B 2nd
( therefore NO repeat fixtures until the final)

SEMI FINAL - 23rd August to 8th September (neutral venues)
1 v 2, 3 v 4.

FINAL - 14th September at Dyke GC (previous winners)