Pyecombe Golf Club
Clayton Hill
West Sussex
BN45 7FF


PyecombeGolf Club
The Historic Golf Club Of West Sussex

Course Maintenance FAQs


Q. Why is the rough so dense at times?

A. The same policy of rough management is carried out each year, Scarifying in early spring to reduce available nutrients, weaken the grass and encourage lighter wispier growth. This is an ongoing process. The farmer cuts, bales and removes from site in late summer / autumn. When growing conditions are light or average ( drier weather), this generally produces the desired result. However when strong growing conditions prevail (wet) the rough becomes thicker, longer and more penal.
The following is an excerpt from the Pyecombe Course Management Policy.
”The rough grass is allowed to grow during the summer to give course definition and to provide a fair test of golf.’’
Maintain rough areas of natural fine grasses with thin turf base
Encourage certain areas to revert to grasslands before they disappear.
Encourage the downland species to dominate.
Encourage wild downland flowers/insects to dominate.