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Course Maintenance FAQs


Q. Why are we clearing trees and shrub from woodland edges, surely we should be encouraging tree growth

A. There are different reasons for the clearing of trees and scrub on the edges of the course. Trees create shade which is detrimental to grass growth creating thin swards that are prone to disease. In winter the angle of the sun is much lower and cleared areas are needed around greens and tees to allow light to penetrate to allow growth, air movement and discourage frost and promote some warmth from the sun.

Conservation is the management of different habitats. If trees were allowed to just grow unmanaged all areas would become dense forests. On the edge of these forests there would be all different types of wild life, inside the forests only animals that are native would survive. By managing woodland edges and creating areas of grasslands, immature scrub, mature scrub, immature woodlands etc we are creating bio-diversity of habitat and encouraging differing flora and fauna to flourish in each type habitat. This is far better for the environment than just letting trees grow.

Q. What happens to the timber that is cut down during the winter clearance work?

A. As much timber as possible is seasoned and used on the clubhouse fire during winter.
As for burning yes it does release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but it is the same carbon dioxide it took out of the atmosphere in the first place whilst growing, so in effect it is carbon neutral. If the tree died naturally it would still release the same carbon dioxide as it decomposed. The only net increase in carbon dioxide is from the burning of fossil fuels which have locked up the carbon within them many millions of years ago.