Pyecombe Golf Club
Clayton Hill
West Sussex
BN45 7FF


PyecombeGolf Club
The Historic Golf Club Of West Sussex

Chapman Cup

Competition Rules

Medal competition
Nett score - 95% allowance
Restricted to members of 15.5 - 28.4 Handicap Index
Partners drawn in handicap order
Mistlin Cup played for on same card
Entry Fee of £1 with sweepstake of £5

2024Stephen Copley
2023Simon Baxendale
2022Richard Hilton
2021George Couchman
2020Kai Crossman
2019Carl Fidler
2018Andy Betts
2017Jack Brown
2016Richard Davey
2015Frank Dennis
2014Paul Spivey
2013Lew Smith
2012David Campion
2010P Fray
2009Jonathan Perham
2008Roy Lawson
2007Frank Dennis
2006G Binks
2005Tim Crossman
2004D Haffenden
2003R Bailey
2002I Plummer
2001R Ward
2000C Luckhurst
1999N Needham
1998C Rose
1997A Smeaton
1996Austin Smith
1995G Hind
1994D Keys
1993M H Hayden
1992J Cuthbertson
1991R C Ife
1990L Foot
1989M Cousins
1988R R Wicks
1987I Evans
1986J Christen
1985M Coward
1984D Attwood
1983N Trott
1982B K Finch
1981K A Tompsett
1980P Moore
1979G Dale-Smith
1978A L Foot
1978A L Foot
1977G R White
1976D F Hollingsworth
1975B K Finch
1974K Wood
1973E R Buddery
1972R Dudeney
1971Dr P J Clarkson
1970D W Gankerseer
1969L W Smith
1968E W Mitchell
1967E G Weldon
1966E R Wood