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Course Maintenance FAQs

Pests and Diseases

Q. What is Fusarium Patch?

A. Fusarium Patch

Microdochium nivale (Commonly known as Pink Snow Mould)
Fusarium patch disease is becoming very widespread on amenity sports turf facilities particularly during the winter months. Its symptoms are more easily seen on fine turf situations of bowling and golf greens. The disease appears as small orange / brown colour circular dead patches / spots up to 25-50mm in diameter.

The disease spores are always present in the soil but are in balance with beneficial fungi. If the balance is tipped in favour of the disease spores through weather conditions and stress on the plants they can attack the sward overnight. Its spores are spread by wind, water and traffic. Whilst the grass is in its dormant state in the winter months the only control is to remove the dew and keep aeration of the surfaces at a premium. If there is an outbreak of disease then the only way to control it is to spray with a contact fungicide . As it is a contact fungicide it only kills disease that it touches and any further disease forming will not be controlled.

Q. Why do we see the crows pecking areas on the course?

A. The crows are looking for leather jackets or chafer grubs and can cause a large amount of damage in a short time. When it is noticed that areas are under attack they are sprayed with insecticide to kill the grubs. Visual deterrents, bird scarers are also used.